"We are people committed and determined to living out the commission of Jesus one step of faith at a time."
Pastor Luke Hansen


Sun. School 9:45
Morning 11:00

Evening 6:45*
*Including children's service

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9am - 3pm
Our Vision

Vision Statement:
The people of Trinity Wesleyan Church will live, preach, and teach God\'s Word with self-sacrifice and humility, until all people are drawn near to Him by our example 

Our Mission:

To be the bride of Christ and affect people in a real and tangible way to bring honor and glory to God.  We will do everything we can to be like Jesus in our lives everyday; to evidence His love, profess His Name, and meet the needs of His people.  God has not called us to nothing, but to something great, something intentional and something crucial to His plan. We will not simply \\\"have church\\\" but we will be the church; God\\\'s Holy people until the day He returns.