"We are people committed and determined to living out the commission of Jesus one step of faith at a time."
Pastor Luke Hansen


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Ask a Pastor is a place on our website where you can ask the pastor any number of questions dealing with any number of situations, problems, or praises -- and whether to study our resources available.
I should be able to answer your questions as they come in!

Q.   Do I have to go to church to get into Heaven?
A.   No, but God says it\\\\\\\'s good to keep going to surround yourself with people who share your beliefs.

Q.   My dog died -- will I see him in Heaven too?
A.   Biblically speaking, animals do not have souls that we know of, and only those with souls (including humans) get into Heaven. BUT the Bible also says that we will have happiness/joy in Heaven. So, maybe your dog would be a part of this eternal happiness!

Q.   Is the church against alcohol and cigarettes?
A.   The church takes a stance as being anti-tobacco and anti-alcohol -- as do I. However, nothing I\\\'ve read in the Bible says you\\\'ll be kept from the Kingdom of Heaven for using alcohol or tobacco.  Doing anything that compromises your health is generally not a good idea.  This includes alcohol, cigarettes, obesity, and others, but God looks to the heart of people, so He is the only real judge.


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